When Should You Use A Vps Webhosting Plan


VPS webhosting is becoming one of the most popular hosting solutions for small, medium and large business organizations.

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. It’s a solution which is created using virtualization software that partitions one physical server to produce multiple virtual servers. Each of the resultant virtual servers is totally independent from the others and works like a definite networked server.

When should you use a VPS Webhosting plan?

The following are situations whereby a VPS webhosting plan should be chosen instead of a simple shared hosting;

  1. When there’s need to expand a business organization beyond the conventional shared hosting level.
  2. When plans of hosting multiple sites, different applications and/or blogs are at advanced stages.
  3. When there’s reasonable expectation of substantial increase in the amount of traffic.
  4. When the management intends to increase headcount that subsequently requires greater email capacity.
  5. When the business organization intends to start dealing with confidential data that requires greater security.

There are other situations that require the use of VPS webhosting plans. A business organization should opt for VPS instead of shared webhosting in the following cases:

  • when the website has been straining all processors,
  • when there’s need to customize settings and appearance,
  • when the management needs to feel in complete control,
  • when there’s urgent need to enhance the current performance level and also
  • when there’s need for stability as well as excellent performance.

Benefits of using VPS webhosting

A business organization obtains numerous benefits if it opts to use VPS webhosting. Some of the benefits are;

  1. The business organization acquires greater bandwidth and space which allows it to engage in more activities.
  2. User partitioning allows for customization of firewall configurations.
  3. There’s liberty to downgrade or upgrade subscription to the service at the organization’s own convenience.
  4. The solution allows easy scalability.
  5. A client can implement any configurations on the server since they technically own it.
  6. Security levels can be enhanced by having dedicated Customer Support round the clock (24/7).
  7. A client can use shell access to provide multiple services by running their own batch files.


VPS webhosting is very affordable. Therefore, it can be adopted by not only large organizations, but also medium and small enterprises.

Hostgator is a perfect example of how affordable VPS webhosting is. The Hatching Plan consists of Single Domain, Shared SSL Certificate, One-Click Installs and Unmetered Bandwidth at a cost of only US $ 5.56 per month.

On the other hand, the Baby Plan consists of Unlimited Domain, Shared Single Domain, Shared SSL Certificate, One-Click Installs and Unmetered Bandwidth at a cost of US $ 7.9 only every 30 days.

The Business Plan consists of Unlimited Domain, Free Toll-Free Number, One Click Installs, Free Private IP & SSL as well as Unmetered Bandwidth at an affordable cost of only US $11.96 every month.


VPS webhosting is an excellent choice because it provides clients with greater reliability and stability, more control, efficient utilization of resources, easy scalability, technical support and cost-efficiency. To learn more about hostgator’s plans check here.