Hostgator Dedicated Server Hosting Service

Dedicated servers are known to be the ideal network management tool for business. They provide the business with the much-needed customization, configuration, installation and the maximum flexibility. It is typically a specific computer that needs to be set aside to manage all the computers in the chain, in this case, Hostgator provides a remote computer for such a requirement.

Insight’s Into Hostgator Dedicated Server Plans

The Basic Plan

The most barebone of Hostgator offering. This plan provides the user with the most skeletal of features like 2 core CPU, 2.3 GHz CPU speed, 100Mbps Uplink, 4GB ram, 500 GB HDD, 10 TB bandwidth for file transfers and 2 IP’s.
– 2 core CPU ( Intel Xeon), the higher the cores on a CPU the faster would be it’s working, this specification provided by Hostgator is amongst the industry’s best.
– 2.3 GHz CPU speed, this is the heart of the CPU, if it fast then the CPU would run smoother.
– 100Mbps Uplink, the server allows for speeds as high as 100Mbps to transfer the user’s data between the server and the host pc, it is but a given that the transfer would happen at blazing fast speeds.
– 4 GB ram, higher ram provides faster access to the user’s files, as the files would react quickly to any kind of impetus provided to them.
– 500 GB storage, higher storage allows for higher capacity to hold files, an added bonus.
– 10 TB bandwidth, a maximum of 10TB of data could be retrieved and sent to the dedicated server per month.
– 2IP’s provides for dynamic usage, and couldn’t be tracked.
– Price: 79$/ month for the first time user, then 174$/ month thereafter.

The Standard

This is the dedicated server that is recommended by Hostgator itself, it provides and caters to the needs of most of the businesses. Aiding the business in gaining access to enough features to easily wade through the month. There is a marked improvement on some of the features in this plan, as compared to the basic.

Like the addition of:
– A CPU with higher speed and cores, 4 cores and 2.5 GHz to be specific, this would make it almost 66% faster than its previous iteration.
– 250 Mbps Uplink, this would result in a lesser amount of time wasted in waiting for the files to transfer.
– Though the ram remains the same, with it being firmly affixed at 4GB’s
– The storage gets more than doubled to 1000GB ( 1TB).
– The bandwidth sees a marked improvement and is bumped up by 50% to become 15TB.
– 3 IP’s that come with this package allows for even harder tracking.
– Price: A nominal increase over the former, with the price for first time user being set at 89$/month and that of the recurring user being set at 219$/month.

Hostgator Deals and Discounts

The company gives extra incentives to new and current customers through special promotions and coupons. Check the hostgator dedicated server coupon here or use the code SNAPPYD2 to get up to 65% discount.